The Mass

A guide to The Mass, the principal celebration of weekly devotion.

THE MASS (also known as the Eucharist, Holy Communion, and the Lord’s Supper) is the central and most important act of Christian worship. On the night before he was crucified, Jesus, at supper with his friends, took bread and said “This is my Body”. He took wine and said “This is my Blood”. “Do this in remembrance of me”.

At Saint Luke’s, mass is celebrated each Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday (except Holy Saturday). Sometimes our celebrations are very simple; sometimes they’re rich in symbol, music and ceremony. In whatever way the mass is celebrated, those who gather are invited into the deeper mystery of God, made known in the life, death and resurrection to new life of Jesus Christ.

If you are new to Christian faith, or exploring it, or perhaps returning to church after a time away, some of the words, the gestures and the rituals may seem strange and even incomprehensible. Be patient though and let it all soak in. It’s not about “doing it right” or “understanding it all”. You’re among friends. We hope that this explanation will help to make clear the structure and parts of the mass and some of the symbols, gestures and rituals that we use at Saint Luke’s.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Fr Paul would be pleased to answer them and help guide you in your participation in the mass. You’re very welcome here.